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Cosmic CEO Archetypes Quiz [free]

Unlock Your Archetype: A Quiz for Purposeful Business Success

Transform your entrepreneurial journey with purpose and fulfillment using our free Cosmic CEO Archetype quiz.

Cosmic CEO Society [membership]

A recurring membership that grants you access to ALL my digital products, self-paced courses and masterclasses.

Topics include Human Design, Astrology, Entrepreneurship & Business Building, and Money Mindset.

❤︎ Now Inviting Founding Members ❤︎

Magic Moon Society [membership]

Tackle your to-do list, fueled by the energy of the New Moon and the support of a private community

So you can finally ditch the overwhelm, and make clear & actionable progress in your business!

❤︎ Now Inviting Founding Members ❤︎

Intro to Astrology [mini course]

Master the basics of astrology in less than an hour with this easy-breezy video course.

  • Discover the 3 main building blocks of astrology
  • Learn how to effortlessly read a birth chart
  • Unlock the meaning in your chart

Includes cheat sheets, worksheets, and a private community.

Astrology for Entrepreneurs [self-paced course]

Astrology for Entrepreneurs is your gateway to harnessing the power of the stars and unlocking your true potential. This self-paced course empowers entrepreneurs like you with the cosmic insights needed to achieve your business dreams.

Complete Astrology Companion [knowledgebase]

Beginner friendly & oh-so-easy

Create astrology reports for yourself, friends & family using my well-organized database of astrology interpretations. 

You'll have everything you need to copy & paste a substantial and well-written report within minutes.

The Complete Astrology Companion is a must for anyone who wants the benefits of astrological knowledge, without the time-consuming research.

The Ultimate Mercury Retrograde Bundle

Mercury Retrograde is a time to Reflect, Revise & Renew. 

This bundle includes everything you need to navigate the retrograde successfully.

✦ Reflection Journal

✦ Decluttering ebook + video masterclass

✦ Meditation Audio

✦ Workbook 

✦ Private Community

Human Design Bodygraph [FREE]

Download a beautiful (and free!) copy of your Human Design Bodygraph. Includes Chiron!!! 

Intro to HD [mini course]

Discover the power of Human Design and gain a deeper understanding of the system with our easy-to-follow online course!

The HD Encyclopedia [knowledgebase]

Uncover the hidden truths of your own Human Design and those of friends, family, partners, and employees with our comprehensive database of HD insights.

Astrology Birth Chart [FREE]

Download a free copy of your Natal Birth Chart, and get a free Zodiac Entrepreneurship mini-report too!

New Moon Project Planner [FREE]

Introducing the 2023/2024 New Moon Project Planner, designed to help you manage your projects each month.

This undated PDF planner can be used monthly to keep track of your tasks and goals.

As an added bonus, you'll get a free PDF New Moon Journal with prompts tailored to support you as you mindfully cultivate a business you're truly passionate about.

To keep you inspired and connected to the lunar cycle, we've included wallpapers for various devices:

✦ Desktop

✦ Tablet

✦ iPhone & Android

HD for Entrepreneurs - Report + Voxer Coaching [custom reading]

Use HD to discover your;

-communication style
-sales & marketing style
-secret sauce
-profit centers
-best routine style for your business
-your purpose/mission/message
-if you're better as a solopreneur or in a partnership/team
-and more!

Pure Energy [self-paced course]

Shed Negativity, Protect Your Energy, Claim Your Power

I'll show you how small steps = big changes, and your whole life can shift in the blink of an eye.

Money Affirmations Printable Sheet [FREE]

Print as many as you want - hang them all around your house (I even have one in the shower!). It's a great reminder and motivator to see throughout your day. 

Human Design Flashcards - Gates/Channels/Centers Bundle #1 [digital download]

HD flashcards offer an enjoyable and interactive approach to mastering the names and locations of gates, channels, and centers in Human Design.

Simply print & cut the cards to start your learning adventure!

✦ digital download ✦

Human Design Flashcards - Keywords & Themes Bundle #2 [digital download]

HD flashcards are a fun & engaging way to learn Human Design.

This set includes keywords for Gates, Channels & Centers. Print & Cut cards!

✦ digital download ✦

Digital Planners & Trackers [FREE]

A collection of all my digital planners & trackers to use on iPad (with PDF annotation apps like GoodNotes, Notability, Xodo, etc), or print at home! 

✦ Daily | Weekly | Monthly

✦ Finance Trackers

✦ Cleaning, Laundry & Chores

✦ Holiday Baking & Gifting 

Clarity Call [1:1 coaching]

In this 60 minute 1:1 session, we’ll get to the core of what you desire with your business, your current reality, and what’s stopping you from stepping into your true power.

Integrate - Your Business, by Design [1:1 coaching]

Living your HD experiment is a shift in mindset and embodiment on a daily basis. Add your business into the mix and things get complicated! Let me guide you, 1:1 for three months while you learn to trust your intuition (Strategy & Authority), and begin making decisions based on ease and flow (not “should” or fear).

Elevate - More Abundance, Less Hustle [1:1 coaching]

8 hour work days are a thing of the past. As a Projector, I’ve mastered the concept of working as little as possible, while still making abundant $$$ in my business. I’m a “lazy entrepreneur.” Sound interesting?

The CC Podcast [listen here]

Listen to the latest podcast episodes on Human Design, mindset, entrepreneurship & Astrology.

Transcriptions are provided too, if you prefer to read. :) 

New Moon Subliminal Meditation mp3 [digital download]

Harness the energies of the New Moon! This subliminal meditation has 44 "silent" affirmations behind a soothing later of binaural beats music. Perfect to play softly while you work or rest. 

✦ mp3 digital download ✦

Inner CEO: 30-day 30-Day Authenticity Meditation mp3 [digital download]

Embark on a transformative journey with 'Inner CEO: 30-Day Authenticity Meditation,' a powerful 4-minute daily audio designed to unleash your true entrepreneurial spirit. Subliminally layered beneath soothing 432hz binaural beats, this meditation gently guides you to shed societal constraints and awaken to your authentic power and business success.

✦ mp3 digital download ✦

Exploring Yourself as a Leader - Meditation mp3 [digital download]

This is a 6 minute "mini medi" to help you explore yourself as a leader and become more aligned & comfortable with the idea of leading. 

✦ mp3 digital download ✦

Giving & Receiving for Abundance - Subliminal Meditation mp3 [digital download]

The fastest way to generate abundance is by practicing the cycle of Giving & Receiving. 

This subliminal meditation has 44 "silent" affirmations behind a soothing layer of music. The affirmations will help unlock the flow of Giving & Receiving in you - especially if you've been feeling blocked. 

✦ mp3 digital download ✦

The Cosmic Elite [coaching membership]

This monthly membership grants you access to both Magic Moon Society (MMS) and Cosmic CEO Society (CCS). 

In addition, you get a day of Voxer with me every week, and you can DM me daily (M-F) in the private Heartbeat group to ask all your questions. This extra level of support is invaluable as you build & grow your business, and explore Human Design & astrology.

Day of Voxer Coaching [1:1 coaching]

Get a full day in Voxer to ask me all your questions about business growth, ideas, products & services, how to do..., Human Design, Money Mindset, and how to level up your business to hit your goals. You choose the day.

Month of Voxer Coaching [1:1 coaching]

30 consecutive days in Voxer to work on your business together!

Unleash Your Archetype [waitlist]

Unlock Your Celestial Blueprint for Business Success: Join the 'Unleash Your Archetypes' Waitlist Today!

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