Welcome to Cosmic CEO, I'm Amy ❤︎

I guide entrepreneurs (like you!) to discover your unique CEO style by exploring Human Design & Astrology.

People aren't "one-size-fits-all," and neither is your business. Learn what's right for your energy & personality, so you can lead with ease. 

Ready to start your journey of self-discovery & business alignment? The best way is to join the Cosmic CEO Society. This membership includes ALL of my courses, masterclasses & digital products, for a crazy-low monthly fee. 

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Available Products

Human Design Bodygraph [FREE]

Download a beautiful (and free!) copy of your Human Design Bodygraph. Includes Chiron!!! 

Astrology Birth Chart [FREE]

Download a beautiful (and free!) copy of your Natal Birth Chart. 

2023 New Moon Project Planner [FREE]

At-a-glance new moon calendar for 2023 - marked with the best times to start new projects.

And a PDF worksheet to track and plan your goals & intentions during the new moon.

Wallpapers included;

✦ Desktop

✦ Tablet

✦ Phone 

Money Affirmations Printable Sheet [FREE]

Print as many as you want - hang them all around your house (I even have one in the shower!). It's a great reminder and motivator to see throughout your day. 

Digital Planners & Trackers [FREE]

A collection of all my digital planners & trackers to use on iPad (with PDF annotation apps like GoodNotes, Notability, Xodo, etc), or print at home! 

✦ Daily | Weekly | Monthly

✦ Finance Trackers

✦ Cleaning, Laundry & Chores

✦ Holiday Baking & Gifting 

The CC Podcast [listen here]

Listen to the latest podcast episodes on Human Design, mindset, entrepreneurship & Astrology.

Transcriptions are provided too, if you prefer to read. :) 

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