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Cosmic CEO Archetypes Quiz [free]

Unlock Your Archetype: A Quiz for Purposeful Business Success

Transform your entrepreneurial journey with purpose and fulfillment using our free Cosmic CEO Archetype quiz.

Human Design Bodygraph [FREE]

Download a beautiful (and free!) copy of your Human Design Bodygraph. Includes Chiron!!! 

Astrology Birth Chart [FREE]

Download a free copy of your Natal Birth Chart, and get a free Zodiac Entrepreneurship mini-report too!

New Moon Project Planner [FREE]

Introducing the 2023/2024 New Moon Project Planner, designed to help you manage your projects each month.

This undated PDF planner can be used monthly to keep track of your tasks and goals.

As an added bonus, you'll get a free PDF New Moon Journal with prompts tailored to support you as you mindfully cultivate a business you're truly passionate about.

To keep you inspired and connected to the lunar cycle, we've included wallpapers for various devices:

✦ Desktop

✦ Tablet

✦ iPhone & Android

Money Affirmations Printable Sheet [FREE]

Print as many as you want - hang them all around your house (I even have one in the shower!). It's a great reminder and motivator to see throughout your day. 

Digital Planners & Trackers [FREE]

A collection of all my digital planners & trackers to use on iPad (with PDF annotation apps like GoodNotes, Notability, Xodo, etc), or print at home! 

✦ Daily | Weekly | Monthly

✦ Finance Trackers

✦ Cleaning, Laundry & Chores

✦ Holiday Baking & Gifting 

The CC Podcast [listen here]

Listen to the latest podcast episodes on Human Design, mindset, entrepreneurship & Astrology.

Transcriptions are provided too, if you prefer to read. :) 

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