New Moon Project Planner [FREE]

Introducing the 2023/2024 New Moon Project Planner, expertly crafted to assist in managing your monthly projects and harnessing the power of the lunar cycle.

The new moon signifies a time for fresh starts, creativity, and a surge of energy – providing you with the necessary boost to tackle significant projects and bring innovative ideas to fruition.

Wondering how to quickly know when there's a new moon?

I've got you covered with my Free New Moon wallpapers, designed to help you stay in sync with the lunar cycles and harness their power for your business success!

I've designed a comprehensive one-page moon calendar, perfect for printing and displaying in your home office or using as a wallpaper background on your laptop, desktop, or phone. The calendar highlights the four working stages of the New Moon cycle for every month, allowing you to quickly determine the most opportune moments to initiate and accelerate new projects. Additionally, a PDF worksheet is included to help you plan and track your New Moon projects.

As an added bonus, you'll get a free PDF New Moon Journal, complete with prompts tailored to support you in mindfully cultivating a business you're truly passionate about.

To keep you inspired and connected to the lunar cycle, I've included wallpapers for various devices:

✦ Desktop

✦ Tablet

✦ iPhone & Android

To access this invaluable resource, simply click the button below and start planning your projects with the guidance of the moon. ❤︎

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