Giving & Receiving for Abundance - Subliminal Meditation mp3 [digital download]

This subliminal meditation improves gratitude, abundance and worthiness. 

It helps;

- open you to receive more abundance

- create an energy of generosity and giving

- attract possibilities and opportunities 

- illuminate the value you bring to the world

The meditation is 33 minutes and 33 seconds long. Listen softly in the background while you're working or sleeping. The soothing music has 44 "hidden" affirmations to power up your mindset and create an energy of Giving & Receiving.

Play it in the background while you’re working, while napping or sleeping, while cleaning the house or cooking - just don’t listen while driving or operating machinery, ok?

Often, we don’t want to do a formal meditation. Either because we’re not the meditating type, we don’t know how, we’re not comfortable with it, or we don’t have a quiet space all our own.

This audio meditation is an easy way to set intentions and focus your mind, in a more casual way. Just play it! Since it’s subliminal, others in the room won’t know it’s anything more than relaxing background music.

This meditation is included in Cosmic CEO Society, a recurring membership that grants you access to ALL my digital products, self-paced courses and masterclasses. If your journey includes expanding in the areas of entrepreneurship, Human Design & Astrology, CCS would be a great fit for you. Check it out here >>

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